Thursday, July 11, 2013

Know your role!

Summertime fever is in full swing and everyone is not just looking for that last minute beach body, but a fun way to get it. Most people are looking for the name that draws them in. You know the one I am talking about. The one that sounds like "Cardio Hip-Hop Yoga." This name carries, what the kids call these days, swag!

You have to be careful when attending a class that has a special swag component because it may not be in your best interest. To let the cat out of the bag, I actually read the structured format for a class with the exact title. While the intentions of the class are quite meaningful, of wanting to increase flexibility, while dancing and keeping your heart rate up, there is no disclaimer stating the need for coordination, confidence, balance, stability, and musicality (because you have to keep the beat) . In fact the article sates the class can be good for anyone. I don't know about you but unfortunately I envision many people tripping over themselves and getting frustrated.

Ultimately, you will have to make the final decision for yourself, but remember to dig deeper, by reading the description of the class, asking the instructor what the format is, and asking a participant about the skill-level of the class and the instructors competencies while teaching.

If you would like more information on selecting a group exercise class that is good for you, feel free to contact me.

Live Well, Be Strong!
Ramon Clark

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